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Cleveland Indians rumors: Baltimore Orioles want starting pitching

Thursday 12 July, 2018 | RSS Feed

Cleveland Indians rumors: Baltimore Orioles want starting pitching

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Initially, the discussion was that the Cleveland Indians would have to give up Francisco Mejia as part of their trade package to land Baltimore Orioles star Manny Machado.

That may still be the case but now the talk around the baseball world is that Baltimore wants starting pitching.
The good thing for Cleveland is that it is not one of their top four starters. The bad news though according to MLB Network’s Jon Morosi is that the O’s want either Triston McKenzie or Shane Bieber.
If Machado was not a rental for Cleveland, maybe, just maybe it would be worth considering giving up a top pitcher. Given that is not the case, it is not worth even thinking about. It is understandable for Baltimore to ask for one of those arms.

After all, every team could use more pitching. When dealing for or away a talent like Machado it should be expected at least one arm is swapped anyways. Great pitching is not just available for any team to obtain; Cleveland’s bullpen is a great example of that.

However, for good reasons, the Indians want to keep their future arms in-house. Hopefully, when the Indians were on the phone with the Orioles, they did not continue on with the call much longer after hearing their request.

The window to win the World Series is closing for Cleveland. It makes sense to move a couple of prospects for a win now player. However, it all depends on who those prospects are.

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